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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Rising Food Crisis In The Islamic World

The food crisis is encircling several countries of the world, while remaining countries are also in danger of the crisis in future. Accoprding to a foreign report, the countries that are more endangered with the food crisis are the countries of Islamic world. This is because of weaker planning for the future and increasing rate of population compared to other countries. Many countries that are facing the food crisis are situated in desertous and rainfed regions. These countries receive minimum precipitation and where there is no underground water. Among them include Arabian and African countries. Situated in Persian Gulf, Qatar is one of these countries where scarcity of water and food are the important issues. For this problem the Qatrian rulers and the experts are much worried about. Qatar is a smaller staste but it fully realizes the non-suuficiency of food. Qatar is planning future strategy in this regard. Other Islamic countries include Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain UAE, Sudan and Moreetania where severe food crisis eems ahead.

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