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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Five Diseases Coffee Can Prevent

The coffee is now widely reported to reduce joint pains, especially in the werists, hands, back and neck. Study partipants were tested during the traditional office work after a cuop of coffee ( while control had no coffee). But, the truth is, coffee has not always been touted for its health benefits. But there are other drawbacks that makes us question the java. Some negatives? insomnia (a given for caffeine-aholic), heartburns and palpitations reports CNN. And we think it is safe to say that a milky, sugary fatty iced coffee is not going to do wonders for your health. And of course not every study can prove that coffee will really cure any disease on its own. Still, if coffee is a regular part of your morning ( and afternoon and night) routine you can rest assured you are doing your part for your body. If you are not a coffee drinker start slowly like you would with any new dietry habit. Everbody metabolizes coffee differently. It is why some people crash after a cup and other stay up all night after a few sips. But it can still have positive health effects. Coffee can lower the risk of different btypes of cancer loke oral cancer liver cancer etc,

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