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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chaudhary Nisar's Most Appropriate Answer To Narendra Modi

The expected prime minister of India of Hindu extremist party BJP and the killer of hundreds of Muslims in Gujrat is the person who would destabilise the peace of the region. He talks always in terms of war and gun and attacking Pakistan with nuclear weapons. He is the the man of real Hindu mentality who never admit the reality of Pakistan and think of eliminating it from the surface of the earth. Does he think that after attacking Pakistan with atom bomb Delhi can be safe or the countries who have common borders will exist on earth. Chaudhary Nisar has rightly said Modi should leave the dream of scaring Pakistan and avoid 'non-sense' blames a Pakistan about Daud Ibrahim. The present government should also revise its friendship and business policy with India. Never think of making India a most favourite nation. Nisar said Pakistan will answer Modi in the tune and language he uses against Pakistan. This is first bold statement by any high profile personality of Pakistan. I think present government is coming out of dreams of India's closeness and making sensible decisions.

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