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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Plane Reached To Take Musharraf To Dubai

Sources say all is set for the departure of Parvez Musharraf to Dubai. A 10-seater small plane has landed on Noor Khan airbase, 3.member crew is in the plane who did not come out. He may leave within next 24 hours. On other side Musharaf was convicted for high treason yesterday by the special court. Five-point charge sheet was read out before him in the court by a judge. Security has been deployed on the Dubai residence of Musharraf. Parvez Musharraf has said that he served eight years for the prosperity and development of the country. He served army for 44 years and gave his nearly whole life to army. He was not traitor. It is irony that before Musharraf several generals toppled the government but no one was charged. Why only Musharraf has been convicted. The generals never rule alone , many public representative gather around a dictator are with him in all the decisions. So why he is alone convicted. It is nice to allow him to go out. Musharraf's was far better than elected governments. His 93-year -old mother is seriously ill and is admitted in ICU in Sharja hospital.

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