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Monday, April 21, 2014

Hamid Mir's Allegations Against ISI Are Intolerable--ISPR

Inter Services Public Relation has said that ISI is a prestigious and reliable institution and regrettable allegations against it are misleading, baseless and intolerable. We will take legal action in this regard. The spokesperson said with these baseless accusations the institution has been defamed and image of Pakistan has negative impact due to this. He said that since the day one one of the private TV channels has been repeatedly displaying the photo of DG ISI repeatedly for eight hours that created anger among the patriotic Pakistanis. It is more than hundred percent correct, blogger agrees to this, Hamid Mir has lost the the sympathies of the people due to his direct blame on ISI. The Pak army and ISI have always been the target of enemies specially that of India and Israel. Those who target ISI like Indians is never a Pakistani. Does Hamid Mir want to be among them? We pray for his early recovery and long life but he must withdraw his allegations back as a true Pakistani. It is Pak that is defending Pakistan from internal and external threats while politicians always play the musical chair game. Is is army that come forward to help people in peace and war, it helps people in natural calamities? What does media and politicians do, they just, seeks breaking news and the later want photo sessions. The practical and relief operations are only done by army. Only and only Indian agents do not like Pak army and ISI.

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