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Monday, April 14, 2014

Abdullah Abdullah Is Leading In The Early Results For Afghan Presidential Office

Former Afghan foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is leading his closest rival Ashraf Ghani in early results from Afghan Presidential Election, but figures indicate a likely run-off votes. The chief of Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the partial results of 26 provinces with 10 percent votes counted, these included provinces in the east, north, south, west and Kabul. With 500,000 votes in the 26 provinces Dr Abdullah is leading with 41.9 percent, Dr Ashraf Ghani with 37.6 and is in second, while Zalmay Rasoul with 9.8 percent in third position. The chief of IEC, Nuristani stressed the figure was only partial and could change drastically in coming days, when more partial results would be announced. Final results are due on May 14. Video clips of people stuffing ballot boxes are circulating on internet but it is unclear which candidate would have benefited from such activity. Urban participation in the election was unexpectedly high, but it is not clear to what extent the rural voters were deterred by Taliban and what role state officials, including police, had in encouraging people to back a particular candidate. The United Nations which administers the fund that is paying for the election commission and the complaints body, said it was still early to call the election. " Until the final results are announced by the IEC, stakeholders should be careful in drawing premature conclusions so as not to create inaccurate expectations," said U. N. special envoy Jan Kubis.

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