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Friday, April 25, 2014

Is Not Geo Channel A Substitute For Zee TV (Indian Channel) ?

Senior journalist and renowned anchorperson Hamid Mir released his first formal statement on Thursday; affirms his brother's last statement declaring Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) responsible for attack over him in Karachi. Mir's statement was conveyed by his brother Amir Mir again during a press conference in the premises of private hospital and surprisingly broadcasted only on Geo News. The journalist seemed firm declaring ISI responsible for attack on him while moving from Karachi airport. He aimed to reveal more details and background factors of all factors in an appropriate time. Mir condemned blockage of Geo News channel in various parts of the country via usage of power by government and state departments. Serious security concerns for his brother and family members were expressed in the statement imposing all the responsibilities on current government and administration, if they got affected. Brother of victim Aamir Mir used the title "Holy Cows" for the Military's intelligence (ISI), in his press conference. Hamid Mir revealed that some intelligence agency's officials visited his home during the last few days and informed him about inclusion of his name in the hit-list of journalists, however he refused to tell the names of list makers. Mir said that ISI have serious reservations over his broadcasted programmes in Geo TV's Capital Talk covering the issue of Mama Qadeer's long march for Balochistan's missing person's rights.
Hamir Mir! when you know that who planted explosive in your vehicle in November 2012 and the elements also accepted the responsibility (TTP), why you repeatedly blame ISI for the attack. Can not the TTP again attack you? If ISI had attacked you you would have not been alive to issue your statement, however, life is in the hands of Allah. And we all pray for your health, early recovery and long life. But you must not fulfill the aims of RAW and India,. How much they are happy with your allegations. Who is sponsoring "Amn Ki Asha" and movie made jointly with the cooperation of India. Who loves more India than Geo News? Some times Geo seems the duplicate copy of ZEE TV. Geo seems substitute for Zee TV. Is not it? Can government allow a channel who is interpreting RAW's objectives and trying to complete the task that India can not do itself? Have a look at your behaviour and the talks in your programmes.

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