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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taliban Denied Market Bomb Blast Saying Killing Innocent People Is Against Islamic Law

A bomb on Wednesday morning has ripped through a fruit market in the capital Islamabad, killing at least 24 person and injuring more than hundred in the deadliest attack in the capital in several years. Officials say the device was hidden in the box of guava fruit when it triggered the huge blast in he morning, tearing the trader's bodies apart and sending their limbs flying through the air. Taliban denied the responsibility, blaming the blast on 'hidden hands', as negotiations continued with Pakistani authorities.
The Taliban spokesman Shahid Ullah Shahid in a statement condemned the attack and said that the killing of innocent people on public places was saddening. He added "Such attacks are wrong and against Islamic law". But Shahid ullah shahid! May I ask who bombed schools, marketplaces and public transports. Who were in the schools? in the markets, travelling in
in buses? Were security officials, police men or politicians? Children were in schools, laboureres and poor people were in the buses or in the market? Islam does not allow to attack and kill an unarmed person who is is not going to fight with you in Jehad even? You people also accepted the responsibility too. Pushtoons even did not use to attack their enemies in public place if there was a risk of an innocent person being killed? Why did you do that? When you say killing of innocent people is un Islamic. Yes it is. Please strict to your sayings in future, if your talks with government fail and you take your weapons again against government.

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