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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Narendra Modi Acknowledged That He Was Married

The man tipped to be India's next prime minister, BJP leader Narendra Modi finally confirmed long-running rumours in an affidavit that he was married- but estranged from his wife. He previously claimed to be unattached and without family ties. Many thought that BJP leader had remained alone adult life, having come through the ranks of grassroots Hindu nationalist organisation that requires vow of celibacy. Previously media reports suggested he walked away from an arranged marriage, when just a child, but this has never been confirmed by ascetic 63-old, who would frequently extoll the merits of his single status during his stump speeches. "I have no family ties, I am single. Who I will be corrupt for?" he said during compaigning in February. Rumours had been circulating for years that a 62-year-old retired school teacher in Gujrat, Joshodaben was married to Modi. a magazine tracked her down in 2009 but she refused to talk to them. However, she finally gave an interview in February and confirmed that the couple separated three years into their marriage- at the age of 17 and 18 years, respectively- and " since then we have never been in touch." The revelation was quickly seized upon by opposition figures including Congress party general secretary Dijvijaya Singh. Singh tweeted, " Modi accepts his marital status. Can the woman of this country trust a man who stalks a woman, deprives his wife of the rights.? vote against Modi". Singh's reference to "stalking" pertains to a 2009 controversy in which female architect was put under surveillance--allegedly on the orders of Modi.

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