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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boxer Aamir Khan Cheated On His Pregnant Wife Faryal

Boxer Amir Khan's wife has enough of all the tabloid reports about her husband's infedility. The pugilist's wife is due to give birth next month. Faryal took the matter to her hand and confronted two girls he spent time with-- and asked point blank, "Did you sleep with my husband?". She had read enough news snippets about husband fooling around behind her back and decided to deal with it herself. Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom, 22,
contacted Clair Nuttall and Elagentine Flore Aguilar over their trysts with Amir. According to British tabloid "The Sun" Makhdoom Faryal exchanged a string of text messages with Nutall, while the Bolten-based woman claimed to have had physical relationship at his home with Khan six months after his marriage with Faryal. The English boxer also bedded French girl Elagentine-Flore at a 385-pounds a night hotel suite after which he even asked her to sign a letter gagging her over the same. Natalie claimed she bedded him just two weeks before his official engagement to Faryal. But Amir insisted it happened a year before in 2011.

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