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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Poor Saudi Woman Refused To Sell Veil To European Woman

A Saudi ARAMCO official gave a local woman SR 25,000 for refusing to sell her burqa (face veil) to an European lady during an exhibition in Germany. The woman identifies as Umm Noura, was reported to have refused an offer by a European lady to pay her 1,000 euros in return for her traditional 'burqa' saying the veil reflected her "identity and country's culture' Okaz daily reported. Badr Alqadran, production director in the state oil operator Saudi ARAMCO was at a cultural festival organised by ARAMCO in South Saudi Arabia, where he was introduced to Umm Noura who was among the local woman at the traditional food stand at the festival. "Qadran asked Umm Noura why she refused to sell her burqa to European woman. Umm Noura told him it represented her identity and the Saudi culture and that she was worried that burqa could be offended by that lady", the paper said. "Qadran afimred Umm Nours' behaviour and gave her 5,000 euros as a gift for refusing the European woman's offer despite her poor financial status."

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