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Monday, April 7, 2014

Lok Saba (Lower House) Elections In India Will Begin Today

The elections for 543 seats of Lok Sabha in India will begin today that will continue till May 12. Among the important major parties participating in the election include Congress, BJP, Aam Admi Party and others. Nearly 810.40 million voters will cast their votes through electronic machines. Strict security measures will be observed and 10 million security officials will be deployed for the purpose. After the completion of polling counting will start from May 16. According to surveys though BJP may be ahead in the election process but it will also need coalition for the the formation of government. The three major parties are contesting elections on separate agendas. The the congress who has ruled twice is seeking success on the basis of its previous performance, while the strongest party at present BJP's main agenda/slogan is opposition of Pakistan, and Aam Admi party is in the run on the basis of solving the problems of common man. However, in the process of election, the role of Uttar Pradesh state will be that of a king maker. It has given 9 prime ministers in 15 previous elections. Its population is 210 million which is more than majority of the world countries. The new prime minister will also be from this state because Rahul Gandhi, Trendra Modi and Arund Kachreewal are taking part from this state in the election. According to an Indian survey BJP may win 53 seats out of 80 from the state, while congress may get 7 seats only. No party seems to reach the target of 272 seats out of 543 for simple majority to form government. The 110 million Muslim voters are 13 percent of the total voters. However BJP is afraid of Aam Admi party.

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