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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Heartbleed Bug Is The Biggest Internet Security Threat The World Has Ever Seen

Online shoppers and internet bank customers are being warned to change heir passwords to reduce the risks of falling victim to online bug that can allow hackers to snatch credit cards and bank details. The Heartbleed is the biggest internet security threat the world has ever seen. The virus which has been around since 2012, allows hackers to steel valuable data such as passwords or credit card numbers, through a hole in firm's website security. it is virtually impossible for firms to check if any information has been taken this way and thee are fears that hackers could hold on data to stolen for months before exploiting it. A report in British Newspaper Daily Mail says that Heartbleed has affected nearly half a million websites across the world. Other firms are rushing to seal holes in their servers after hacking groups were revealed to be scanning the internet for vulnerable websites. Many affected companies say they have fixed the problem. But security experts still warn people to change their passwords to be doubly safe. It is essentially vital if a website they frequently use announces it has been affected by the Heartbleed bug and has recently fixed the flaw. In these circumstances you should again change your password even if you have already changed. Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters. Avoid using the same password on different websites and ones that are easy to guess-- such as your surname or children's names.

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