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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunny Leone Upset Over 'Fake' Pictures, Dismisses Video as 'Lies'

Over the weekend the social media was abuzz with pictures and video clips of Sunny Leone allegedly striping at a private party on April 18.
A message was also circulating along with the clip that actress charged Rs 40 lakh for the event. Leone is furious and so is her husband Danielle Webber, who also manages Sunny's Bollywood career. "Why would we do such a things, there is no truth at all" angry Webber said. The ex-adult star's past, it seems would keep her visiting. The hoax viral video furnished pictures as 'proof' that Sunny had performed a striptease at the party. Ever since she arrived in Bollywood with her debute "Jism 2" Sunny has been trying hard to move away from her past image as adult movie star.

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