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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fraud Allegations Have Delayed Afghanistan's Presidential Election's Results

Afghanistan's presidential election results have been delayed by two days due to fraud investigations and will now be released on Saturday. Partial results from the April 5 elections have already been released, with former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah ahead of his main rival Ashraf Ghani, after half of the ballots were counted. Committed to determining results that reflect the will of Afghan voters, the Independent Election Commission said it is conducting thorough investigation of all the irregularities. IEC said "while the investigation has delayed slightly delayed the results, they are critical to the accuracy and integrity of the final results." The latest partial results have put Abdullah in the lead with 44.4 percent followed by World Bank's former economist on 33.2 percent. If no candidate gains more than 50 %, a second round- election between the two leading names will be held on May 28. Total tun out is said to be seven million voters out of an estimated 13,5 million voters. The incoming president will have to fight against the resilient insurgency of Taliban as US led troops leave Afghanistan this year. However, Taliban failed to launch a major attack, despite threats to disrupt the polling process.

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