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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ceasefire Is Not Extended, War Has Started Against Pakistan, There Will Be Bomb Blasts, People Will Die-- Khalid Khurasani

The spokesperson of Taliban has said that the decision of extending the ceasefire has not been done yet, and its deadline has passed meaning that war has been started again. There will be blasts and Pakistanis will die. The damage of end of ceasefire will be for Pakistan not for Taliban. The influential people want to continue war. Pakistani nation will weep. Government did not fulfill its promises. Though consultation on ceasefire continues in the Taliban Shura but opposition to ceasefire also exists. On other side political administration of South Waziristan has released 16 Taliban prisoners. The member of Taliban coordination committee Professor Ibrahim said government must not delay to resume dialogue other wise the situation may get worse. Government has sought two days for replying to demands of Taliban. It said that government was busy in handling the issue of Parvez Musharraf and it could not consult its committee about the two demands of Taliban, the release of Taliban prisoners and establishment of peace zone. Maulana Yousuf Shah said he has urged Taliban to follow the ceasefire till the reply from government.

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