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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adib Suleiman Al Blooshi-- The "Small Emiriti Scientist"--2

Saudi Television "Al Arbia" telecasting from Dubai has given the details of Adib's achievement/inventions in a report it was said that the government of United Arab Emirates has given the titles (Alqab) of "Ambassador of Peace" and "the Hero of Children World" to 9-year-old Adib Al Balooshi. Adib has been been given countless awards/honours by World Organisations. He has received at least 100 honorary degrees, and many medals. The government of UAE has awarede him "Best Education Award" Al Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid; The Jordanian "Robot Science Organisation" has given Adib an Award along with the membership of the organisation. This organisation gives membership to only those famous scientists of the Arabian countries who have highest achievements in different scientific fields. Arab League awarded Adib The Award of "Small Scientist of the Arab World" last year in Cairo. Jordan also gave him "Shah Hussain Award" and " Arab Youth Development Council" gave him special awards. *-- Inventions Of Small Emiriti Scientist:-- The first invention of small scientists was the water proof artificial leg for his father. Now his father not only can walk in a better way but can swim too with these legs. Look at the extra ordinary expertise of the small scientist that linking the leg with thin electric wires and to a apparatus fixed in the ear to control the legs naturally. The apparatus in the ear conveys the message of brain to the legs to move. The second innovation of small scientist Sulaiman is ""Vacuum Cleaner Robot". It is a tiny robot that is commonly used in home for cleaning or other works. This robot can reach the places where human hands can not reach like under the sofas or tables. The third invention of Adib is a helmet equipped with modern cameras. This helmet is used by emergency service volunteers. The specificity of this helmet is that after wearing it no feelings of warmth, cold or water are felt. It is specially very important for fire brigade workers. The cameras installed in the helmet send live/direct photos and videos to the operation control room which help in extinguishing and controlling the fire in better way. This helmet also provides light in smoke, darkness and at night. Small Al Blooshi also invented an apparatus for helping the persons in emergency after meeting any road accident that will inform the family members and emergency about the affectee via wireless. The apparatus will be fixed in seat belt. Recently Adib gave a presentation in Dubai about his inventions. Among the several inventions of Adib one is a "wheel Chair" for disabled kids. This operates by remote control. Many international scientific firms offered Adib to work for them on huge salary. *-- World Tours Of Small Scientist Regarding Science And Technology:-- The Small Emiriti Scietist Adib received several times invitation from different foreign countries for the visits. He has already participated in many Scietific Research conferences in Arab Countries and France. Recently the Crown Prince Of UAE Prince Handan Bin Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom has sent Adib and his family on the Scientific Tour of seven countries. "Emirates Institute Of Advance Science And Technology" is taking care of Adib's this scientific study tour. On first leg of his tour he visited Belgium. After which he will participate in different conferences in America, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Britain. He has already been invited by Belgium to attend "Green Carbon Conference". He will participate in this conference and will proceed to French city Lafal where he will participate in an international conference about, " Robot Machine for Humen" He will go to Munich, Germany. He will attend two separate conferences in New York, USA and then will visit "American Space Research Agency" NASA's head quarter. in California. Then he willl go to Britain and in the last leg of his visit will be tour of Ireland and then this small scientists will return home after one month tour. Adib Sulaiman Al Blooshi is lucky that he took birth in Dubai, UAE where his capabilities have been recognised and he has been given the prestige and provided all types of cooperation to forward his mission of scientific invention to enlighted the name of his country. His country is no less lucky that it admitted the natural intelligence and geniousness of Adib and given him the place he deserved. Adib and his country both are fortunate. Unfortunate is Pakistan that never value the intelligence and capabilities of kids like Adib who take birth in poor slum areas not in well to do families.

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