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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sometimes Beauty Has Brain Too

Who would not like to swallow a bitter pill if doctor is as beautiful or as clever as Miss Cambridgeshire Carina Tyrrell? And more if she is seeking a higher office Miss England next and then Miss World. Blessed with both beauty and brain Tyrrell is fifth year of medical studies in Cambridge University. She is long away from ' Pretty but dumb' image that so often attaches itself to beauty queens.
Recently Miss Carina was crowned Miss Cambridgeshire, meaning she will reprent the country at Miss England competition. Tall, slender with long, glossy dark hair, Carina is reminiscent of Duchess of Cambridge. The 24-year was announced as the winner of regional rounds beating 11 others to the title, with the judges saying the competition was one of the closest they had ever seen. Carina is the first student doctor to reach the final and has the great chance of taking the crown in Torquay in June. Carina has dreamed of being a beauty queen since she was 13, but had a little time to do anything about it up till now.
She is so convinced of this that she is considering to postpone her studies at women-only Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, and her ward rounds at Addenbrooke's Hospital, to chase her long-held dream of winning beauty titles. Her father is a physicist, her mother was an executive with the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva, and Carina is predicted to get first class honours degree later this year. Carina said she had a very high IQ and she wanted to be a beauty queen.

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