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Friday, April 11, 2014

Muslim League Government Is Proving More Cruel Than PPP's

Though PPP government could not give relief to the people in their lives due to price hike, load shedding of electricity and gas, non-availability of health and education facilities, terrorism and unlimited other problems that made the lives of masses hard and compelled them to commit suicides. But one thing that PPP government did was it did not terminate the employments of poor whether regular, on contract or re-employed on casual basis in their parent departments. Because in this hard time no one can live with out doing part-time job and retired people were employed on daily basis to earn some money for their family to cope with price hike. In the meagre pensions what a retired man can do for his family or arrange marriages of their children. As in PBC, in the different news units the work that was done by translators in Rs 6,000 to 7,000 per month on daily charge basis could cast the organisation for Rs 50,000 per month plus medical facilities , allowances, housing facilities and other previleges. if they employ translators and news caster on regular basis. PPP government was clever and due its cleverest policies it completed five years tenure, but seems hard for Muslim league, if it continued its cruel and crushing policies for the poor. The new budget is nearing, Finance minister has already announced that government servants and pensioners should not expect any increase in their salaries and pensions. If these policies continued who will travel in Metro Buses that will cast Rs 44 billion when all the poor and middle class will vanish. Nawaz Sharif government should get the prays of poor by giving them relief and cancelling the orders of re-employed poor retired persons who work as part-time job on daily basis/casually. Every day the prices of fruits, vegetables, meat sugar flour and other edibles go up out of the reach of the poor. Government should terminate the unproductive mega projects and spend the money for facilitating masses.

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