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Sunday, April 6, 2014

American Christian Woman Can Possibly Be The Next First Lady Of Afghanistan

There are greater chances of winning the presidential election of Afghanistan by Dr Ashraf Ghani. Then his American born Christian wife Rula could be the first lady of Afghanistan. This is the most remarkable thing about Ashraf Ghani in Afghanistan. He met Rula in American University of Beirut during 1970's where he was studying. "For her public presence and stylish European dress, Rula Ghani stands out as the most Westernized woman among the Kabuli elites." She will also be the first non-Muslim first lady in an islamic country. Dr Ashraf Ghani himself is a an anthropology graduate from the USA. He had education career in the USA and Denmark. He also worked in World Bank and United Nations, so he is aware of the Western culture and values. After the fall of Taliban power in Afghanistan he returned to the country and worked as finance minister. In 2009 presidential election he got 4 % votes and Karzai appointed him as senior advisor. Ghani is in favour of USA -Afghanistan's security deal. He has announced if he was elected as president of Afghanistan , he will sign the agreement.

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