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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saudi Arabia May Lift Ban On Girl's Sports

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) urged the Saudi government to push forward with move to lift ban on sports in girl's state schools. The Muslim Kingdom's consultative Shura Council last week recommended to end ban which was relaxed in private schools last year, state media reported. The IOC spokesman welcomed the development and look forward to the approval by Education ministry. All education in Saudi Arabia is single-sex, but sports in girl school remains a sensitive issue in a country where women have to cover from head to toe when in public. The kingdom bowed to the international pressure and sent its first ever female participants to an Olympics at 2012 London games. The IOC agreed to allow the two Saudi women- a judo player and a middle-distance-runner- to compete with their heads and bodies covered in deference to the Islamic Dress Code at their home.

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