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Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Interesting General Information

*-- During flight the the capability of tongue to identify taste is lowered. *-- Swedish citizen pay higher prices to buy the first bearings of strawberries of the season. *-- The flies can change their flying direction within five milliseconds by moving their body and with the light movement of the wing. *-- The professional musicians if asked to differentiate between the voice of a modern and eighteen century's violin with closed eyes, they can not tell. *-- During 80's, one had to take test for the capability of working with both the hands for the job in the Bank of England. *-- Laurance of Arabia was offered the job of night watchman in the Bank of England that he did not accept. *-- During 1922, Soviet Union could not construct the highest building of the world due the the lack of steel. *-- The people with the name of Elnoor are more likely to study in the University of Oxford.

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