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Monday, April 7, 2014

Adib Sulaiman Al Bulooshi-- " A Small Emirati Scientist"

The age, education or experience of the smaller kid scientist Adib Sulaiman Al Bulooshi does not count, because he of 10 -years age only. He is the 6th grade student of an average standard school "James Wallington International School" of Dubai city in United Arab Emirates. His childhood and smaller age if be put aside, he has left behind the well known inventors, scientists, and scholars of famous world educational institutions of the present era. A child like Al Balushi can be found as the only one among millions of children, who instead of wasting his potentials and capabilities in useless games has the ambition to do something for the welfare of the humanity. Al Balooshi is not only candle light for the children of present age but a bean of light in darkness for the elders. No doubt that Allah has bestowed Adib with unlimited potentials that are the fortunate of every one but after knowing his hidden capabilities he gave an examplary masterpiece that can be called revolutionary event. The father of Adib Al Syed Sulaiman Muhammad Ismail al Bulooshi is poor as well as the polio patient. He had a deep grief for his father and then the ideas he had in mind were tranfered on paper and then he gave them practical shape and made an artificial leg for his father in the age of 5-years. This not an artificial leg but was his first and unique scientific invention that was not created in a well equipped scientific laboratory but an invention of the brain of a smaller kid who was in the initial classes of school. His first invention created stir in Dubai. When Dubai Municipal Committee came to know about his creation, government authority tried to make themselves aware of the domestic conditions and ideas of Adib and concluded that the child had unlimited natural potentials, intelligence and capabilities. He must be saved from wastage. Now he is ten -years old and his unbelievable seven landmark invention during the last five years have stunned the Scientific World. His fame spreaded world wide. When his fame as smaller kid reached to the world universities and institutions, and famous world scientists, they became eager to take control of the smaller scientist. First of all " A Scientific and Cultural Foundation" of Germany offered Sulaiman Adeen for free education in Germany. The smaller kid but Great Sulaiman kicked back the offer saying he took birth in Dubai, it is my homeland, this soil had given me potentials, therefore I owe to my soil and I do not like any link to other country/nation with name and work. I will become a Scientist of The Islamic World. This was the wonderful example of LOVE and Patriotism Of Smaller Sulaiman with his country and love the Islamic World.

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