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Monday, April 28, 2014

Cellular Companies Are Designing Worthy Packages To Sell 3 G Technology To Customers

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has distributed 3G and 4G licenses to various cellular service providers in Pakistan. Now these companies are busy in designing worthy package to sell 3 G technology to the customers, just like they advertise sms deals, internet packages or per minute calling rates. The obvious process is to make package first for 3 G technology and then produce TVC around it. According to various blogs and websites the Ufone 3 G package has been leaked. Apparently, there are three different versions of 3 G package by Ufone with varying costs and other details. Some bloggers have claimed it scam while other think that Ufone itself has released these three packages to gauge public's response. However, it should be kept in mind that packages are yet valid at all as Ufone has yet to acquire a license from PTA by paying fee for 5 MHz spectrum before it could go public with any kind of 3 G package or ad.

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