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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Musharraf's APML Becomes Inactive, Offices In Different Cities Locked

Former president Parvez Musharraf had returned to Pakistan to carry out politics but in the country he got entangled in troubles. On one side he is facing high treason case, and discussions are going on in the government corridors to allow him or not to leave the country, there on other side it is the suggestion of his close friends or any deal that he is separating himself from politics. His political party APML has also become inactive, its offices in different cities have been locked. According to some sources Musharraf's close friends have suggested him to leave politics and live like other retired army chiefs. According to party sources Musharraf has started thinking about this too and he has directed his party leaders not to take part in any political activity. While rumours of the dissolution of the political party are also rounding. Some sources say that Musharraf has decided to merge his party with PML (Q) and MQM. Party's senior leaders and close aides have been directed to make contacts with PML (Q) and MQM. It is also heard that preparations are underway to open office in Karachi with the cooperation of MQM. Ahmad Raza Qasuri, Ashraf Gujjar, Dr Amjad and other office bearers of the party have been separated completely from the party. The advocate of Parvez Musharraf Dr Farrukh Naseem, barristar Saif, Rashid Qureshi and other close friends will make the weaker APML stronger with the help of MQM, if Musharraf leaves the country. He has given freee hand to his trustworthy friends. Musharraf has also decided to give important office to Nawabzada Iftekhar MNA from his party who was elected from Chitral.

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