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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Enquiry About Illegal Activities In Parliament Lodges Takes New Turn

The enquiry about illegal activities took a new turn when a police sub inspector on duty in the lodges gave statement before the enquiry committee that on January 30, the cook Naveed of Jamshaid Dasti brought a woman to parliament lodges and when he asked to talk to Dasti he immediately drove away with car. The chairman of the committee Sheikh Roheel Asghar said that it was not true that the woman was the wife of Naveed as Dasti had said. Chairman said now IB authorities have told that the woman in car with Naveed was the resident of Rawalpindi Saddar and was a professional woman (call girl). IB was directed by the committee to investigate this incident thoroughly and provide the phone record of Sidra (the woman with Naveed). On other side, Jamshaid Dasti said neither he knows this type of any woman nor he had any cook and no incident of this kind took place but all are allegations. Dasti is right committee seems to conduct partial enquiry and some people want to get Dasti involved in this event and to divert the attention of the media from all the story of illegal activities in the lodges as accused by Dasti.

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