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Sunday, April 20, 2014

PML(N)'s PMA Organises An Alcoholic Dance Party

A controversial video shockingly emerged in media showing an alcoholic dance party organised on an unknown location in Pakistan and being enjoyed by Pakistan Muslim Leagues (N)'s law maker Alamdar Qureshi. Mian Allamdar Abbas Qureshi is a Pakistani Member Provincial Assembly (PMA) from PP-255 constituency of Muzaffargarh district of Punjab. Qureshi could easily be seen in the controversial video as he was dancing and motivating a girl making twerking moves in 'Punjabi Mujra' style while two men were also sitting in the same room. The dancing girl showered with prize-money over her dancing moves and got slight partnership with provincial minister. According to local channel Samaa News, the minister was drunk at the time as the wine bottle can clearly be seen in the video. It is noteworthy that a member of National Assemblt Jamshaid Dasti from the same area had alleged that some of the lawmakers were involved in the immoral activities at the parliament lodges. Chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Shasrif has taken notice of the mater and ordered authorities to produce the copy of the video related to Alamdar Qureshi. The video had spread in minutes across all Pakistani News Channels after its emergence.

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