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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Inspiring Story Of Jordanian Maryam Without Arms

Maryam is a Jordanian girl born without arms, and despite her disability she has used the challenge as catalyst for success. According to the report on 'Wahaj' news site, Maryam lives normal life and accomplished more even than her normal siblings. She is in her last year in Al Yarmouk University where she is specializing in psychological counseling. "Maryam said," I was born without arms and used to see only my feet. I accustomed myself to this reality." I began to perform all my duties with feet such as preparing food, drink and other thing. I was able to train my feet to do it. Maryam days every morning she goes to the University and attends lectures with he help of her colleagues who write lectures for her. She says she will continue to struggle to achieve her ambition of working in the area of specialization she has chosen.

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