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Monday, April 28, 2014

Media Committed a Blunder Of Taking Gen Raheel For Gen Kiani

The situation is quite changing in the confrontation of media and armed forces, it did not remain the clash between these two institutions but it became the war of masses. Thousands of people have boycotted the channel and quit reading the newspaper of this group. An old man from Rawalpindi called cable operator that if he a glimpse of this channel on his TV he will kill him. Several businessmen and landlords who have been the reader of "the Daily Jang" for the last six decades have left reading this newspaper. It is astonishing because newspapers and news channels get one so habitual to it like cigarette brands that it is not easy to quit them. The other important thing is that the four famous columnists and writers of this paper have refused to support the administration of this organisation. The analyst say that the media group got grass misconception, committed a serious blunder and made wrong decisions in estimating the power of its rival that is more loved one by people than its channel or paper. They took Pak army a business or social institution that they could crush. They took Gen Raheel like Gen Kiani who could tolerate criticism to a greater extent, though gen Raheel is a tolerant person and can avoid confrontation to last limits but if the other side denies to listen to any argument then he can turn the sky down. The blaze Khawaja Asif and Saad Rafique had ignited had not extinguished yet that this incident took place. This media also could not estimate the reaction of other newspapers and channels due to thinking of maintaining monopoly in the field of journalism. Quite a large section of media considers this specific media group the agent of enemy country and it has proved itself. No TV channel or newspaper of any country go to this extent against its armed forces to which this group extended its hands. Now it has neither the support of common man nor its own reporters and staff members. Jang and Geo must be banned -- it is only slogan of masses.

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