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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hamid Mir Feared More ISI Than Terrorists-- Amir Mir

Senior journalist and Geo News Anchor Hamid Mir wrote a letter to Pakistan Army, family, members, friends and Jang/Geo group after receiving death threats and nominated Inter Services ISI) Chief General Zaheer ul Islam among others as responsible for his death. According to his brother Amir Mir, Hamid Mir feared ISI more than terrorists. "We are sons of Waris Meer, and fear none, ISI or Army can not stop us from writing ans speaking truth. Amir revealed that his famous brother not only wrote a letter but also recorded a video message and told Amir that ISI wants to kill him. Amir said that his brother had threats from ISI since the time General Shuja Pasha was heading the agency. Amir said he advised him to migrate to Dubai.
Amir Meer! Do not cry, shout and blame ISI and PAk Army. Pak Army and ISI is the enemy of only those persons who want to damage Pakistan. It is not against patriotic Pakistanis. If your brother is not enemy of Pakistan and is not working against the country then ISI can not attack him. Do not you know that your brother had created so many enemies in Pakistan specially politicians, industrialists, land lords, mafias, smugglers and many many, he could be attacked by any one of them. Even common man is also saying that Geo was paid by India and JEWS and the name of GEO is derived from JEWS.? What do you say?

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