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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kachriwal Received Fifth Slap During Election Compaign

In India where Bollywood film stars are also contesting for the Lok Sabha eletion, there the political story of the leader of Aam Aadmi party Arund Kachriwal is forwarding in a film style. This was fifth slap that he received during his election compaign. The recent slap he received in the Sultan Puri area of New Delhi where he was leading an election rally. A rickshaw driver Lali who was participating in his rally first garlanded Kachriwal and then suddenly slapped on his face. Lali was angry due to quitting of Delhi's chief ministership after 49 days only. Lali was of the view that they worked for Kachriwal day and night and got him elected against BJP and congress but he left the office and handed over them to the corrupt administration again. Kachriwal had resigned from his office due to protesting against the corruption. The supporters of Kachriwal are accusing BJP for this conspiracy. They sent messages on Twitter saying "Why our leader all the time" Slap Nrendra Modi this time"

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