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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hamid Mir Faces A New Trouble As Son Of Khalid Khawaja Claimed Mir's Involvement In His Father's Murder

Pakistan's senior journalist Hamid Mir is facing a new trouble after heavy criticism over military- intelligence as son of an ex-military official claimed Mir's involvement in his father's murder. Osama Khalid, son of a Pakistan Air Force squadron leader Khalid Khawaja, claimed before the local media in National Press Club, Islamabad that Hamid Mir was directly involved in murder of his father. Osama Khalid alleged that Hamid Mir contacted Usman Punjabi, killed spokesperson of Punjabi Taliban, just after kidnapping of Khalid Khawaja. Osama claimed that the conversation of the journalist was still available on the social media. He added that his father faced severe allegations from Hamid Mir for being a professional of foreign agencies including CIA and RAW. Hamid Mir who is currently under treatment in Karachi hospital approved the allegations of his brother aamir Mir over highest spy institution of Pakistan Inter-services Intelligence (ISI) for the attack.
Khalid Khawaja was killed after being kidnapped on March 25, 2010, by a group calling themselves as 'Asian Tigers" while he was filming a documentary with British journalist Asad Qureshi about Colonel Imam who was killed in January 2011. Khawaja was found dead in Mir Ali, a town of militants -held North Waziristan (NWA) connecting Bannu District on April 30, 2010. Colonel Imam, British journalist Asad Qureshi and his driver Rustam Khan were among the persons kidnapped including Khalid khawaja. But both of them were released while Imam was killed. Colonel Sultan Amir Tarar was a renowned Pakistan army Officer and special warfare operation specialist, also served as Special Services Group( SSG) member of the army and an Intelligence officer of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

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