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Saturday, May 31, 2014

TV Host Dua Malik Is Going To Marry Singer Sohail Haidar

Express Entertainment morning show TV host Dua Malik has left show business for a while and is going to marry music composer and singer Sohail Haidar next month. Dua Malik is the sister of Umema Malik who rose to success after Shoib Mansoor's movie 'bol'. Umema Malik is busy with her Bollywood projects these days but will return from India for her younger sister's wedding. Dua will celebrate 'Hina' festivities on June 14th, wedding ceremony of June 17th and reception on June 18th.
While talking to media Dua said she has taken a break from entertainment industry for two months due to her marriage but she will resume her work afterwards as her in-laws and husband have no issue with her job in Pakistani TV industry.

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