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Friday, May 2, 2014

Pakistani Singer Jawad Ahmad Announces To Constitute His Own Political Party " Barabari"

Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmad has announced to enter politics with his own political party " Barabari" ( Equality), media reported. While talking on an event on the occasion of International Labour Day, Jawad said that labourers were the backbone of the country and he will fight for their rights. He said that he had established a political party which will help labourers, students and engineers to rule Pakistan. Jawad Ahmad has not come up with any music album in last couple of years. In fact, he has been away from the music industry for a quite long time. Many intellectuals and popular personalities tried to established their footsteps in the thornful field of politics but could not gain any popularity like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and former chief justice (Though he did not practically entered but intended to do so). No showbiz or sports personality had been more popular than Imran KHan who after great sacrifices of life and hard times for two decades could established in this field. People like singer Jawad has no place in politics. Even those people who like his songs would join his party because all the political parties have same manifesto for labourers. Jawad! you may your place in music industry too.

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