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Monday, May 5, 2014

Some Astonishing Facts About Social Website You Tube

Where ever in the world any incident, tragedy, natural calamity, amazing or interesting event takes place, rarely it happens that these tragedies, calamities, events or incidents may have not be uploaded in form of video clips on You Tube. Not only this but any person linked to this social networking sites, if have any potential or capability or have expertise in any art expresses himself and tries to expose his fun in the shape of videos on the site and receives appreciations. Thus, the biggest uploading website You Tube provides us the full chances of expressing our capabilities and potentials in addition to giving us the visual material of the events taking place in the world. The site full of information and expression celebrated its ninth birthday a few days ago. Let us have a look at the facts about You Tube:-- *-- All the three founders of You Tube, Chad Henley, Steve Chen and Javed Karim came closer and known to each other through another social networking site Pay Pal. *-- The initial idea of launching the website was that of a Dating Site that was changed afterwards. The logo of the website is also the copy of a logo of a dating site. *-- The beginning of the activities of the social networking site was done by uploading the video clip of the co-founder of the site Javed Karim on April 23, 2005. *-- The duration of Javed Karim's this video was of 18 seconds and was uploaded with user name 'Javed'. The clip showed Javed Karim standing in front of elephant's cage facing camera, in the San Diego Zoo. *-- Javed Karim's video (and first of You Tube) uploaded nine years ago has been viewed 14 million times, so far. *-- You Tube is used by one billion users every month and videos consisting on 100- hour duration in a minute are uploaded on the social website. *-- You Tube has been localized in 39 countries of the world and its material is available in 54 languages. *-- Every week 100 million people show their activities on the site like, likes, sharing, commenting and other activities. *-- Every month 92 billions pages of this website are visited. Users spend 9.2 billion hours on the site, collectively each month that make 325,000 years. *-- You Tube says that on average 400 tweets based on You Tube's material are tweeted on Twitter every minute while You Tube videos consisting of 150 -year duration are viewed on Facebook, daily. *-- Any kind of video can be uploaded on You Tube that include comedic video clips of animals, popular music, videos about education and training and video blogs all of visual material can be uploaded on the site. *-- Where this site has positive side some negative versions of the site can also be noted. Some videos are based on the humiliating and insulting and blasphemous material/videos against religions or faith. This type of material sparks protests and strikes in some parts of the world. *-- You Tube also faces criticism regarding copyrights because users upload complete movies, Tv shows and Music with out the permission of the authors or creators. In this regard several cases are in American courts.

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