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Monday, May 12, 2014

London Became The City Of World's Richest People

London became the city of "super Rich" people. Most of the billionaires reside in London. These include Pakistan-born Sir Anwar Parvez. He possesses 1.3 billion pounds. He came to London in 1960's and founded Best Way Cash And Carry. He is on No 74 among the Britain's billionaires. Britain has collectively 104 billionaires and out of these 72 live in London only. Among them 39 belong to other countries who migrated to Britain. While among 102 billionaires belong to Britain 44 took birth outside Britain. After London most of Billionaires live in Moscow and New York that are 48 and 43, respectively, in number. No Pakistani city is included in the list of billionaires. However, 13 billionaires live in Indian city Mumbai. Paris has 18, Beijing 15, Singapore 14, Hong Kong 34, Las Angeles 38, San Francisco 42, and 14 billionaires live in Dellas. Among the top billionaires in Britain is Hindu Jaa. Seventy-eight-years-old Sri Chand and 74 years Gopi Chand have 11.3 billion pounds. Hindu Jaa community consists of four brothers, the elder one Sri Chand is the chairman of the Hindu Jaa Group. They deal in oil, auto mobiles, banking. property and media. Pakistani Sir Anwar Parvez shifted to London from Gojar Khan( Pakistan) and started grocery business then established Best Way Group that includes Cash and Carry and a Bank. He has also invested in cement business in Pakistan.Among the women the richest one is former singer Crysty Britiley who had also released her album " Indigo Shores, Tomorrow". She has 9.75 billion pounds. The fourth among the richest persons is Music and media tycon former soviet person Lan Bilavat Nik who has 10 billion pounds. Similarly other billionaires include Muhammad Al-Faed, Malcolm, George Emel Sarhindi, Richard Elman and Family, and Ajay Kasi and family.

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