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Friday, May 9, 2014

Taliban Are Attacking Us And Government Is Kneeing Down To Them-- army Chief

Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif rightly said that Taliban were attacking army and civilians and government is seeking the ways to negotiate with them. Taliban are not serious in dialogue but get the chance to attack army and troups in Waziristan through prolonging the talk process. They make some times excuse of releasing heir non-combat aides some times ask government to initiate cease fire while they continue their activities. The can only be quite for some time if they are given independent state where they have their own rule of their own Sharia and no interruption of Pakistan's laws. THey at the first step want North annd South Waziristan as their state and then whole tribal areas from Wana to Khyber agency and Teerah. Would government be ready to allow them to an independent? What is guarantee that they would not demand whole Pakistan? Government may knee down but Bravo Pak army and the people of Pakistan will never allow. Pak army and people are ready to give sacrifices but will never give a single inch of Sacred soil to Taliban. Government must mind it.

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