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Friday, May 30, 2014

Two Sisters In India Gang Raped, Killed And Hanged From Tree

Authorities in northern India have arrested three men, including two police officers, suspected of gang-raping and killing two teenage sisters before hanging their bodies from mango tree. the deaths have sparked public renewed outrage over sexual violence in he country. The villagers found girls' bodies on Wednesday hours after they disappeared from fields near their home in Katra village Uttar Pradesh state. The girls who were, 14 and 15, had gone out in the fields as there was no toilet in their home. Hundreds of the villagers spent rest of the day in silent protest over alleged police inaction in the case. Indian TV channels showed the villagers sitting under the girls' bodies as they swung in the wind, preventing authorities from taking then down until the suspects were arrested. Autopsies confirmed the girls were gang raped and strangled before being hanged. The family belongs to Dalit community also called 'untouchables' and considered the lowest rung in India's caste system. Records show a rape is committed every 22 minutes in India, a country of 1.2 billion people. India tightened its anti-rape laws last year, punishable with the death penalty. Last month the head of the Uttar Pradesh governing party told an election rally that the party was opposed to the law calling for the rapists to be execcuted, "Boys will be boys" Malayam Singh Yadev said "they make mistakes". Woh! Singh what the golden words you have uttered, if this type of incident happens with any female of your family will you maintain your these words? The respect of the all the human being beings are equal no matter he be Dalit or a Brahman.

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