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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Woh! Maulana Fazal Rahman's True Golden Words

The most intelligent politician and the most opportunist person of the Pakistani political world, Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman has said that Imran Khan is not the well-wisher of the country and prime minister of Pakistan and we are riding in the same boat, if anyone tried to make hole in it, we will stop. True! Maulana, not this time but you are always accompanying government riding in the same boat, because you can not live with out government perks and previliges. The present government has given you the status of federal minister just for supporting and favoring it, otherwise what is the job of head of Kashmir Committee. You are always the incharge of this committee what did you do for Kashmir? Did you got freedom of Kashmiris? Did you issued any statement against Indian atrocities, except formal statement that is the repeatition of the your every yea's statement on Kashmir day or Solidarity Day.? You are always talking abot Imran Khan because you can not digest his rule in KPK, you have itch in your belly. You know you have lost the KPK government for ever. You were only once leadr of opposition but that opposition was friendly one, you were the person who supported Parvez Musharraf and he got the his tenure extended. Maulana why do you forget your deeds? Please You are religious scholar, this dirty politics does suits you, Please preach the people Islamic ideology. You can never become the prime minister of Pakistan, If you get thousand years life. So occupy mosque and play your precious role as Maulana.

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