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Monday, May 12, 2014

Lahore Becomes The The Strongest Base For Illegal Activities Like Mujras (Dances) And Drug Business

The second biggest city of Pakistan and the biggest and the most developed city of the biggest province of the country, Lahore becomes the biggest base of illegal activities including Mujras (Dance parties) and drug business. According to a report of a private these guest houses are running under the supervision of police, excise, LESCO and LDA. The report said that guest houses pay Rs five million extortion money per day to all the institutions mentioned above. The revelations came when former SP model town Rana Ayaz Saleem had made a team to launch raids against all the hotels and guest houses involved in illegal activities. SP model town took oath from all the SHO's of the division for not supporting the criminals to minimize the crime rates but the crimes suddenly increased after shifting Rana Ayaz Saleem to other area.

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