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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In The Past Blue Passports Were issued To Friends and Property Dealers- Senator

The federal minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Parvez Rahid has revealed in the meeting committee of Senate's standing Committee that in the past blue passports were issued to girlfriends, friends and property dealers. He also said that 902 passports were issued to foreigners that have been black listed now. It was also revealed that Peshawar High Court has declared 7762 people holding passports as foreigners and those have also been black listed. Information minister Parvez Rashid demanded cancellation of all the blue passports issued on political basis and closing down all the unnecessary passport offices opened during the tenure of last government. The office opened in the tenure of last government are, if closed, this government will will open other offices on the political basis. Because it is the tradition of every government. It will recruit another staff and terminate the employees of the previous government. What is fair in this country?

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