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Monday, May 26, 2014

Narendra Modi--The 15th Prime Minister Of India

The Gujrat fame (and the tea seller of Gujrat)Narendra Modi has been sworn-in as India's new prime minister in a ceremony in the forecourt of presidential palace in New Delhi. Mr Modi took oath before thousands of guests, including his counter part from rival Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. It is the first time since the two countries won independence in 1947 that a prime minister from one state has attended such a ceremony in the other. Mr Modi led led BJP party to a landslide win in the recent election. The BJP won the biggest victory by any party in India for 30 years, gaining a majority in parliament and trouncing the outgoing Congress Party. Senior BJP leaders Rajnath Singh (interior minister), Arun Jeitley (Defence), Sushma Swaraj (Foreign affairs), Nitin Gadkari, Jajma Heptullah and Umma Bharti and others were also also sworn in as ministers. But all eyes were on the presence of Mr Sharif who is expected to hold bilateral talks with Mr Modi on Tuesday. The two nuclear-armed rivals have fought wars in the past 60 years ( and the fourth is expected to be fought during Modi's era), because Modi's BJP party advocates a tough stance on Pakistan.
On other side Nawaz Sharif has ordered the release of 154 Indian fisherman as a good will gesture on the eve of his visit to India. While India in turn will hand over dead bodies or nearing death of Pakistani prisoners as it has been doing in the past. Modi does not see any Pakistani Muslim alive in India. Mian Sahib! wait and see which way the wind blows and when your new friend replies you with guns and threats of nuclear attacks.

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