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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shakira Is Top Regaring Facebook's Page Likes Number

Like politics the personalities the success and going ahead in their career of the personalities belonging to showbiz also depends upon their popularity. During the days gone, the popularity of any actress was the success of her films and that of any singer depended upon the sale of her/his audio/videos. But to measure the popularity of celebrity social media now is also there as a scale. Now a days it is observed to check the popularity of any celebrity that how much he/she is popular on top social websites like Facebook on Twitter and how many likes of the page he/she got and how many followers of their account are there on Twitter. According to the latest news the famous and beautiful Shakira has become the most popular celebrity of Facebook. Belonging to Latin America, singer Shakira has got 80.68 million likes on Facebook page. Leaving behind all the celebrities on Facebook she has become No 1 in the world in this regard. Before her Rehanna had this status but Shakira has surpassed her.

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