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Monday, May 26, 2014

only Prayer Time Helps Making 137-year-old Saudi Man In Waking Him Up

A 137-year-old Saudi man who remains asleep most of the time at his home in Saudi Kingdom wakes up regularly for prayers with the help of his son. According to Emirates website, the man remains asleep and almost in a trance when his son pits his hands on his father's head and shouts to him that it was time for prayers. The website report say through its reporter that lean old man who was still lying and could hardly move, then started to say Azaan ( prayer call) in a low shaky voice and his tears began to roll down on his cheeks prompting his son to give him tissues. "My father's condition should be lesson for all", his son said quoted by the Kuwait Arabic language daily Al Anba, which did not disclose where the man lived in Saudi Arabia.

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