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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Weaker Counterpart Of Indian PM Could Not Disclose The Indian Involvement In Balochistan

While the Indian prime minister mr modi presented a long list of allegations against Pakistan, the Pakistani counterpart could neither open the details of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Balochistan nor he could him the Indian violation all the time on LOC. Indian foreign secretary Sujata Singh repeatedly said that good relations between the two countries could only be maintained if Pakistan helped in solving the 26/11 Mumbai attack case. In other words Pakistan should accept the responsibility of the attack. She also blamed Pakistan on behalf of Indian PM that Pakistan was involved in terrorism against India that should be ended forthwith. She also said that India has the same stance about occupied Kashmir ( meaning it is the unbreakable part of India). The weakest PM ever of Pakistan could not dare to tell the Indian PM about its nefarious designs regarding creating instability in Pakistan. What Nawaz Sharif get in this visit? Only demand from his counterpart about trade and business? Who will benefit from this trade? It is clear that Nawaz Sharif will facilitate India for trade without gaining any national benefit.

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