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Friday, May 2, 2014

My Butt Does Not Get Enough Attention--- Kate Upton

Pity Kate Upton. Her butt does get enough attention it deserves , she feels. Of course, this is only due to epic cleavage that will stop traffic or break the internet. Nevertheless, her poor arse. No wonder she is on the quest to get some credit!. In a new behind-the-scene videos from Sports Illustrated, Kate feels her bum has been long neglected, and she is setting out to get it the 'attention it deserves'. In addition to the revelation about Kate Upton's butt, the footage is also enlightening in that we now know there is S/assistant who adjusts her top by hand. There could be worse jobs on the low end of the pay scales. How does Kate's backside compare with other legendary celebrity's rear ends? Here are some photos you can answer the question yourself.
Hey! here is Kesha! and Kesha's butt! The singer is anything but shy in this Twit pic.
Woh! there is one stacy Keibler bikini photo. Guys you re well . Great Azz.
Niki Minaj twerks up a storm.
Lady Gaga's butt.

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