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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Corruption Is Hollowing The Roots Of Pakistan's Economy

The corruption which is great menace more than terrorism that has weakened Pakistan's economy. If only corruption is controlled in the country Pakistan can be an Asian Tiger and prosperous than Bubai and Saudi Arabia. Nature has gifted Pakistan all the mineral sources, sun light, mountains , plains, deserts and what not. But this is the ineligibility of the rulers who can not exploit these for the benefit and welfare of the people. This is because every government closes eyes on the corruption of public representatives or high ranking officers to save its power. Now Anti-corruption Establishment (ACE) has decided to put the names of 41 government officials on the exit control list who are involved in corruption cases and have been declared absconders by the court of law. The ACE official said they wee involved in embezzlement of heavy amounts and they could fly abroad any time. What about corrupt persons who have already gone to other countries with the consent of corrupt authorities concerned. In each department and especially in WAPDA and Police 90 % people are corrupt. Same is the case in other government departments and corporations, while ACE could find the names of only 41 person who it expected that have already flown to Dubai or USA. Every fourth government official is corrupt it needs a operation clean up.

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