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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Next Two To Three Months Are Tough For The People Regarding Loadshedding- Khawaja Asif

The federal minister for water and power Khawaja Asif of the incumbent government that came into power with the slogans of ending load shedding within months, warns people to be ready for more and prolonged closure of electricity during the next three months (Meaning be ready to die from hot summer weather). The government that is unable to defend the most sacred institution of the country, the government that can not protect people lives and properties, the government that is so weak and can not defend people from being killed by the RAW and CIA agents and even kneeing down to Taliban and India, how it will defend the nation if mentally abnormal, and terrorist Modi attacks Pakistan. Who will defend Pakistan in this situation? Then why not to it be given all the powers instead of so-called "democratic government" the meaning of which are even not known to the illiterate people sitting on highest peaks.

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