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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Google Is Working On Nexus-6 for Its Flagship Smartphone 2014

As the smartphone market is going to red hot with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), now new report recons that Google is working on Nexus 6 for its flagship smartphone of 2014. The projection is based on the notion that Google would want to stand on the middle-ground when competing with its closest rivals Apple ans Samsung. According to reports Apple is eyeing on September debut for its first tablet the iPhone 6 which actually is keeping with tech giants release calender. With the Nexus 6 intro schedule seemingly settled, Google can focus on more essential things packing its signature phone with insane features that would make it worthy opponent of iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5. If the recently unveiled LG Pro 2 as Nexus 6 in making, the later's likely screen size is six inches and to complement such impressive display feature Google is proving a muscled graphic engine that will fire up a sweet 2 K resolution. The guesswork makes a sense as 2K is becoming the smartphone screen standard beginning in 2014. Apple introduces a new era in mobile device computing when it let out the iPhone 5S last year with 64-bit computing prowess. The two titans have no choice for Google it has to follow suit. It is yet unclear if Snapdragon CPU will be ready in time for the Nexus 6 debut this year but Google can tap Samsung to supply the 64-bit chip to power the device. This means that next Nexus phone will rely on Oxynos octa-core technology for its processing requirements, which is not impossible at all. Google and Samsung, after all, are Anroid allies.

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