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Friday, May 30, 2014

Cadbury Products Contain Pig's DNA

It has been disclosed that the products of famous Cadbury Chocolate company contains pig's DNA. After the disclosure of pig DNA in the Cadbury's products the Muslim Groups in Malaysia have announced 'holy war' against the company. Twenty Muslim Groups in Malaysia announcing the war against Cadbury have said the company has crossed its limits and strict action is needed against Cadbury. Addressing the press conference the office bearers of the Muslim Groups have said that the cause of social evils in the country is due to eating 'Haram foods'. One office bearer said this was a conspiracy to weaken the faith (Emaan) of Muslims. On other side company has drawn back its products from the market saying that two products of the company have been proved having pig's DNA so the products are with drawn from market. Will Pakistanis continue using the chocolates of Cadbury? or stop using it as a protest? I think high class society of Pakistan has no Emaan nor they care for it.

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